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Jinjiang Hotel - Chengdu

A gorgeous river named Jinjiang is running through the city of Chengdu, the center of western China. Having been standing by Jinjiang River for half a century, the main building of Jinjiang Hotel with its European style is still filled with the generous and degage charm of history and culture, even comparing with thousands of various-styled and abounded skyscrapers around the city nowadays.

The 1958 witnessed the ground-breaking ceremony of Jinjiang Hotel. Marshal Zhu De and Marshal Chen Yi assigned personally “Jinjiang” as the name to the hotel when it was completed. In 1995, Jinjiang Hotel was honored as the first five-star business and tourist hotel in Southwest China, while in 1999, Jinjiang Hotel was conferred the most prestigious Five Star Diamond Award by AAHS. In 2010, Jinjiang Hotel won the top honorable prize in the hospitality of our country, honored as the “Oscar” in hospitality industry in China. In recent years, Jinjiang offered management and supervisor services for decades of star-rated hotels, and got involved in the new eras such like municipal administration, property management, bank service and so on, which led to great achievements and extended the influence of the brand.

Since the founding of the Hotel, fifty years passed and rich culture stayed. The warm and generous, thoughtful and careful unique characteristics of Sichuan people have been played incisively and vividly in Jinjiang, which formed a distinctive and prominent service culture. In 2007, Jinjiang people spontaneously took “create touching moment” as corporate core value and published “Moving Declaration: Corporate Culture Brochure of Sichuan Jinjiang Hotel”, firstly having “moving culture” nationwide.

Meanwhile, relying on the Jinjiang Station of Chengdu Subway, the second phase project of Jinjiang Hotel, creating a new CBD by the side of Jinjiang River, has been put on the agenda. After that, there will be nearly 900 guestrooms, 1000 pieces of underground parking spaces and nearly 10000m2 European-style royal gardens around and the French Michelin Western Restaurant as well as the traditional Japanese Teppanyaki, by virtue of which above, Jinjiang Hotel is going to be one of the largest and the most convenient hotels allover Chengdu with its dignity and distinguished garden style.

In the same year, in order to be in tune with the developing trends of hospitality industry—collectivization, branding, scale extension and specialization, Jinjiang Hotel established “Jinbin International Hotel Co., Ltd”. Based on the primary business of hospitality, the brand-new corporation, regarding “Create moving culture to help make Jinjiang the first-class tourism enterprise” as the understanding of development, takes great advantages and benefits of its original brand, management and service and tries to be listed in the next 3 to 5 years with a strategic partner, in order to strive for a further strategic progress in high star-rated hotels and budget hotels and become the leader corporate group of Sichuan tourism.

Entering into domestic national hotel brands of 20 strong and well-known international hotel brands of 200 had already become the development of strategic planning goals of Jinjiang hotel—a banner of Sichuan tourism, looking for the future, blowing in the wind!

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