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Jinling Hotel-Nanjing


The Jinling Hotel Nanjing (Nanjing Jinling Fandian) was the first five star hotel in Nanjing, and has been successively ranked among "China's Top Ten Hotels" for its high standard of service. The hotel is located in the center of the city at Xinjiekou, which is city's main shopping district.

Since 1983, the Jinling Hotel Nanjing has distinguishedhosted guests from all over the world. Acclaimed for its graciousness, authenticityand “Golden Touch of Hospitality,” it offers an ideal setting for travel,business meetings, and special events.Jinling Hotel Nanjing Expansion Program is fully operational to create the largest luxury hotel complex in Jiangsuprovince, China. Tocomplement the guest rooms and functions of the original tower, the Jinling Hotelcomplex contains over 100,000 square meters of international-standard officesand an upscale shopping area. The Jinling Hotel Nanjing contains 970 guest rooms, over 4,000 square meters of modern and well-equippedmeeting venues as well as 13 small meeting rooms, and includes an advancedhealth club, standard swimming pool, and professional spa. The hotel alsofeatures fine dining restaurants, at which discriminating diners may enjoyauthentic Huaiyang Cuisine and international cuisine. Fascinating, elegant, andinviting – the Jinling Hotel Nanjing demonstrates its profound understanding ofChinese hospitality to its guests in an understated but luxurious fashion.

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