West Sea Hotel - Yellow Mountain

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West Sea Hotel - Yellow Mountain

First Class

Huangshan Xihai Hotel is located in Huangshan scenic site at the sea level of 1600m. It enjoys a good geographical location with Danxia Peak nearby, west sea peaks on the west, Lion Peak and Start-to-believe Peak on the east, it is both the entrance to Xihai Grand Valley and the best spot to watch the sea of clouds, sunrise and sunset, and the strange pine trees and odd rocks. It is only 1000m away from Huangshan Taiping Cable car Station.

Its main features:

The hotel with the most comprehensive service in the scenic site

It has 180 rooms including suites, single rooms and double rooms. It facilitates with a cafe, a banquet hall, a Chinese restaurant, a specials restaurant and 6 sightseeing cabins, which have a capacity of 600 diners. It is equipped with a multi-function hall to hold shows and meetings and 3 KTV cabins.

The most intelligentized hotel in the scenic site

Hotel intelligent system includes 8 subsystems like guestroom intelligent control system, building control system, multi-media meeting system. Guestroom intelligent control system can remotely control air-conditioning temperature, hot water temperature, the running of elevators, which greatly improves the service efficiency and comfort.

The most energy-saving buildings in the scenic site

The hotel is an example of energy-saving and green construction in mountain scenic sites, which adopts air-entraining concrete block, LED lighting and other energy-saving materials, and is installed with advanced equipment such as central vacuum system, combined toilet air discharger, air source heating, high molecule oil air heating system , lobby foundation warming and fresh air circulation system.

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